Prepaid Debit Card Fee Schedule

Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card Fee Schedule



ATM Cash Withdrawal [1]

-at ATMS inside the U.S. & Canada 2 free per deposit; $1.50 each thereafter. Never a surcharge at Chase and Peoples. Other ATM owners may charge an additional fee/surcharge.
-at ATMS outside the U.S. & Canada $3.00 each 
  ATM Balance Inquiry
-at any ATM $0.85

Retail Purchase

 – with signature Unlimited Free
– with PIN (includes cash back) Unlimited Free
Over-the-Counter Withdrawal at a Visa Member Bank Unlimited Free
Funds Transfer to a Chase Account Unlimited Free
Funds Transfer to a non-Chase Account $0.75
Online Bill Payment at Unlimited Free
Customer Service – web Always Free
Customer Service – phone 5 free calls per month; $0.25 thereafter
Card Replacement  standard mail 1 free per calendar year; $7.50 thereafter
Card Replacement  expedited $17.50 per card
Account Statement  – web Always free
Account Statement – mail $0.95 per month
Inactive Account[2] $1.50 per month
Check Issuance $12.50 per check

[1] Some ATM owners and operators may charge an additional service fee or surcharge per transaction, Chase and People’s United Bank ATMs always offer 2 free transactions and are always surcharge free.  There are no surcharges at Chase ATMs.  Please note:  You cannot withdraw more than $800 per day from an ATM.

[2] A monthly fee will be assessed on each account that has been inactive for 365 days and has a balance.  Fee is not assessed during periods of activity.  Account activity is defined as deposit, withdrawal, purchase or any type of financial activity.