Care 4 Kids Enrollment Management Waitlist Status

Beginning March 1, 2023, Care 4 Kids began placing new applicants who are:

  • working, or
  • participating in a Workforce Development program, or
  • attending higher education on an Enrollment Management Waitlist.  

As space in the Care 4 Kids program becomes available, families will be selected from the Enrollment Management Waitlist beginning in order of need, followed by the date of the original application. For more information, please click here.

C4K Enrollment Management order of need for waitlist:

Working – Parents who are working with an income less than 60% of State Median Income. These families could be

  • working, and/or be in a GED/High School program,
  • working and/or in higher education

High School/GED – Parents are 20 years or older and attending High School/GED program and are not currently working.

Workforce Development or training program – Parents in a Workforce Development or a training program and are not currently working.

Higher Education parent is enrolled in higher education and is not currently working

Most Recent Invite Date by Application Date

Invite Date Application Received Date Range

Enrollment Management Targets

Number of Active Care 4 Kids Children
As of 7/16/202422,520
Target # for SFY 202423,000

Number of Families on C4K Waitlist as of July 16, 2024

Thanks to additional federal and state funding, the OEC is inviting all families off of the waitlist who are currently on the waitlist.  This is particularly helpful for families as they seek summer care. Provided all necessary documentation is submitted, families will now move through the eligibility process. OEC and Care 4 Kids are encouraging families applying to Care 4 Kids to use the online applications and redeterminations for faster processing. Please note: An invitation off the waitlist is not a determination of Care 4 Kids program eligibility. Once invited off the waitlist your application will be further reviewed to assess program eligibility.

Number of Families Invited Off as of July 16, 2024

*count is not cumulative, not yet disposed, pending approval or denial