Processing Status

 opened-email50pxDid We Get Your Mail or Fax?

Documents from Mail, Fax and Drop box received on or before 09/20/2018 have been entered to the appropriate family or provider record.

apply50pxApplication Processing Status

  • Applications received on or before 08/20/2018 are currently being reviewed.
  • Supporting documents received on or before 08/17/2018 are currently being reviewed.

Redetermination Processing Status

  • Redeterminations received on or before 08/23/2018 are currently being reviewed.
  • Supporting documents received on or before 08/17/2018  are currently being reviewed.

money50x50Invoice Processing Status

  • September invoices will be available on 09/28/2018
  • Invoices received on 09/21/2018 are currently being processed.
  • Invoices received on or before  09/18/2018 have been processed and are scheduled to be paid on: 09/21/2018
  • The next scheduled payment dates will be on:  09/26/2018 and 10/01/2018 

Dues Deduction Reimbursement, Provider Orientation and CDA Stipend Payment Status

  • Dues Deduction Reimbursement for payments issued in the month of  August will be processed on 09/18/2018.
  • Stipend Payments will be processed on 09/11/2018 for all active Care 4 Kids providers who attended the Provider Orientation in July.  Payments will be in the amount of $75.

Please Note: These payments will not be included in our automated payment line.  You must monitor your bank, or debit card accounts.  Stipends are issued upon completion of orientation session attendance requirement AND issuance of an approved child care certificate and payment from Care 4 Kids.



Information updated on September 25, 2018 at 9:26 am  

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