Electronic Child Care Payment FAQs and Fees

Electronic Child Care Payments Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I enroll for electronic payments?

A. Go to the secure provider web portal through the Care 4 Kids website:  https://providers.ctcare4kids.com/

Q. Will I receive the check stub with the breakdown that shows how much I was paid for each child in my care?

A.  Yes, Care 4 Kids will continue to mail your remittance statement that includes the payment details.


Q. What fees will I have to pay if I choose Direct Deposit?

A.  The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) offers Direct Deposit free of charge.  Although most banks and credit unions provide direct deposit services without charge, you should check with your financial institution about any fees it may charge.


Q. Can I split my payments between a checking and savings account for direct deposit?

A. No.  The payment can only be deposited into a single account, either a checking or savings account.


Q. Who can select a Prepaid Debit Card as their payment method?

A. Prepaid Debit Cards are only available to Licensed Family Day Care Providers and Unlicensed Individuals.  These individuals can also select Direct Deposit.  Center based programs are only eligible for Direct Deposit.


Q. Where can I use the Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card?

A. Retail Locations
You can use your prepaid debit card anywhere that accepts VISA® debit cards, including grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and more!  You cannot use the prepaid debit card to purchase gas “at the pump”; however, you can bring it to the cashier using the credit option.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
You can use your prepaid debit card to withdraw cash in local currency at over 900,000 ATM’s throughout the world, with surcharge-free access at Chase Bank and People’s United Bank ATM’s in the United States.  Just look for ATM’s that display the logos on the back of your prepaid debit card.


Q. When will I be able to start using my Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card?

A. Upon enrollment, you will receive the Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card and detailed user instructions in the mail from Chase Bank.  Your next Care 4 Kids payment and every payment after that will be deposited to your Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card.  It is important to keep your card secure to avoid paying fees for additional copies.


Q. Can I sign up for Direct Deposit after I have received the Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card?
A. Yes.  You can enroll for direct deposit at any time by going to the Care 4 Kids website at www.ctcare4kids.com and logging into the secure provider web portal.


Q.  My credit is bad.  Can I still sign up for the Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card?
A. Yes.  While the Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card looks like a credit card, it is not a credit card.  Your credit rating has no effect on signing up for a prepaid debit card.


Q. What fees will I have to pay if I choose Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card?
A. The Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card is offered by the State of Connecticut in partnership with Chase Bank.  While we have worked together to keep the costs associated with this service as low as possible, certain ATM and other transaction fees may apply.  The Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card fee schedule is as follows:


Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card Fee Schedule

Service Fee

ATM Cash Withdrawal [1]
-at ATMS inside the U.S. & Canada 2 free per deposit; $1.50 each thereafter. Never a surcharge at Chase and Peoples. Other ATM owners may charge an additional fee/surcharge.
-at ATMS outside the U.S. & Canada $3.00 each

ATM Balance Inquiry
-at any ATM $0.85

Retail Purchase
 – with signature Unlimited Free
 – with PIN (includes cash back) Unlimited Free
Over-the-Counter Withdrawal at a Visa Member Bank Unlimited Free
Funds Transfer to a Chase Account Unlimited Free
Funds Transfer to a non-Chase Account $0.75
Online Bill Payment at www.ucard.chase.com Unlimited Free
Customer Service – web Always Free
Customer Service – phone 5 free calls per month; $0.25 thereafter
Card Replacement – standard mail 1 free per calendar year; $7.50 thereafter
Card Replacement – expedited $17.50 per card
Account Statement  – web Always free
Account Statement – mail $0.95
Inactive Account[²] $1.50 per month
Check Issuance $12.50 per check


[1]  Some ATM owners and operators may charge an additional service fee or surcharge per transaction, Chase and People’s United Bank ATMs always offer 2 free transactions and are always surcharge free.  There are no surcharges at Chase ATMs.  Please note:  You cannot withdraw more than $800 per day from an ATM.

[2]  A monthly fee will be assessed on each account that has been inactive for 365 days and has a balance.  Fee is not assessed during periods of activity.  Account activity is defined as deposit, withdrawal, purchase or any type of financial activity.