Instructions for Registering for Electronic Payments

Care 4 Kids issues electronic payments either by Direct Deposit or a Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card.

Who is eligible?

  • Licensed child care centers and group homes, summer camps and school based programs can receive payment by Direct Deposit.
  • Licensed family homes and unlicensed individuals can choose to receive payment either by Direct Deposit into their bank account or by a Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card.

When will it begin?

  • When you receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number) in the mail.  The PIN will allow you to register and select a Username and Password for managing your user profile and electronic payment account.

Getting Started:

  1. Select the link to the Provider Portal.
  2. Select the Register for Electronic Payments button/link.
  3. Type in your Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Identification Number (FEIN) and your PIN.
  4. Create a User Profile:
    • Create your User Name-  It must contain at least 5 characters, start with a letter and end with a letter or number.  It should only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and one dot (.).
    • Create your Password-  It must contain at least 6 characters.  It must have at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and a special character (!,#,$,%,&,*,+,-,<,>,=,?,@).
    • Confirm Password-  Re-type the password.
    • Email- Type in your email address.
    • Security Questions- Provide answers from a list of questions.  These will be used to help you reset your password if you forget it.
    • Click on the Register button at the bottom of the page to complete your registration.  You will be automatically directed to the Payment Method screen and receive a message stating Registration Successful.
  5. Selecting an electronic Payment Method:
    • Select Direct Deposit or the Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card.  Due to banking rules, Prepaid Debit Cards can only be issued to individuals.  Family child care homes and unlicensed individuals may select Direct Deposit or Prepaid Debit Card.  Child care centers, group homes, summer camps and school based programs must select Direct Deposit.
    • If you select Direct Deposit fill in the required bank information:
      • Routing Number – Type in your banks 9 digit routing number.
      • Retype Routing Number – The name of the bank or financial institution will appear.  If this is not the bank you are using, re-enter the routing numbers.
      • Account Number – Type in your bank account number.
      • Retype Account Number
      • Select Account Type – Checking or Savings
      • Click on Save button.  Account information will be validated and saved.
    • If you select Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card
      • Click on Save button.
      • U.S. Bank will mail your Care 4 Kids Prepaid Debit Card to you within seven business days.  All future payments will be loaded onto your card.