Still want to apply for Care 4 Kids?

Start by filling out a Care 4 Kids Application.  Click the button below to get the printable application.

You can also call 1-888-214-5437 and ask that one
be sent to you.

You will be asked to send back certain documents,
like paycheck stubs, with your completed Application.

If you have already chosen a child care provider, you and the
provider need to fill out and return a Parent-Provider Agreement
Form called a PPA.  You need to fill out a separate PPA for each provider you use.

Parent Provider Agreement Form (PPA) (English)

Formulario del Acuerdo Entre Padre y Proveedor (PPA) (Español)

Care 4 Kids reviews your Application and PPA.  If your case is granted, you are sent an approval letter with a Child Care Certificate that authorizes payment.

If your Application is not approved, you are sent a letter explaining why our Application cannot be approved at this time.

If you have completed filling out an Application, but have not chosen a provider, you can send in the Application anyway.  When you and the provider complete the PPA, send it in.  Child Care Certificates cannot be issued until the PPA is received.