Updated Care 4 Kids Computer System

We are updating the Care 4 Kids computer system starting November 2018 will continue through January 2019.  The updates will include a new look for program notices and forms, certificates, invoices and payment summaries (remittance notices).  Starting in November, you will receive notices, invoices and payments from both the old and the new systems.  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the computer system changes.

 1. Q. What is different with the Provider Portal?
     A. The Provider Portal on the Care 4 Kids website is going to be improved.  The Portal will now give you access to Payment Summaries (remittance notices) instead of receiving them in the mail.

2. Q. Why didn’t I receive my Payment Summary (remittance notice) in the mail?
     A. Providers will no longer receive remittance notices (payment summary) in the mail.  These will now be made available through the Provider Portal.

3. Q. Why did I receive a new certificate?
     A. You will receive a new certificate from the new system.  The look of your certificate has changed.  There is no action you need to take.  There is no change to the family’s eligibility.  To view the updated certificates and other forms, click here.

4. Q. Why does my Redetermination Form look different?
     A. To make the Redetermination process easier for families, Care 4 Kids will send Redetermination Forms with many sections pre-filled based on the current information on file.  Make sure you review this information to ensure that it is current and accurate.  Any changes can be written directly on the form and sent to Care 4 Kids.

 5. Q. What if I lose my pre-filled Redetermination Form? Can I download one from the Care 4 Kids website?
     A. Yes, we will continue to accept Redetermination Forms that are not pre-filled.  Please be sure to fill in all the required information.

6. Q. If I receive multiple invoices, which one should I complete?
     A. During the system update, providers will need to complete all invoices in their Provider Portal account.

7. Q. If I submit multiple invoices at the same time, will I receive multiple payments?
     A. If Care 4 Kids is able to process the submitted invoices on the same day, then the invoices may be included in the same payment run.  If Care 4 Kids processes the submitted invoices on multiple days, then the invoices may not be in the same payment run.

8. Q. Why is the amount of my reissued certificate different?
     A. Certificates will now show multiple payment periods.  You will no longer receive separate certificates for changes such as a child changing from one age group to another.

9. Q. If my provider is part of the union, how will their dues be paid?
     A. If you are a home based provider, certificates will no longer have CSEA-SEIU dues reduced amounts.  CSEA-SEIU members will have the 1.5% union dues automatically deducted from the Total Monthly Payment Amount.

10. Q. What is the Case Number?
     A. Case Number is a new number which will replace your Family ID.  Case Numbers will now start with the number “5” or “6”, followed by zeros in front your previous Family ID to make all Case Numbers 9 digits long.

11. Q. Will my Provider ID change?
     A. Yes, Provider ID’s will now start with the number “2” or “25”, followed by zeros in front of your previous Provider ID to make all provider numbers 9 digits long.

12. Q. When will I receive my monthly invoice?
     A.  Due to the update to the Care 4 Kids computer system, monthly invoices will now be available on the first of each month.  Our new process now includes daily payment runs (previously twice  a week).  All invoices will be transitioned and processed out of the updated computer system by January 2019.

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