Good News!!! Income Eligibility has increased for Current C4K Families at Redetermination

Care 4 Kids has a second income eligibility limit of < 65% of state median income (SMI) to families whose redetermination date is 10/01/2019 and beyond.  This means that a family can stay on the program if they meet all program eligibility requirements and their new income remains less than 65% SMI at redetermination.

To qualify your family must:

  1. Currently be on Care 4 Kids assistance.
  2. Have an income less than 65% SMI.
    What’s SMI? The State Median Income looks at your income and family size in order to figure out if you are eligible. Use this chart to determine your SMI.
  3. Meet all other Care 4 Kids program eligibility requirements.

What do families need to do?
To qualify, families must complete the Redetermination Form when they receive it in the mail.
What does this all mean?
For Example: A family of four, who is currently receiving Care 4 Kids assistance, could have their income increase to $75,354 and still get assistance. As a family’s income grows, the family’s share of child care costs increases to provide stability as a family reaches financial independence.